Make Massage and Yoga a part of your day and enjoy a better quality of life.

Chair Massage (David Palmers Concept).

Chair yoga classes are held on a Chair, however the muscles are still being lenghtened, breath controle is being practiced and the benefits are tremendous.
One can always do Yoga, as long one can sit on a chair.

Did you know that through a massage the circulation of the blood and the lymph are improved.

  • Did you know that through a massage the circulation of the blood and the lymph are improved.
  • Calms the nervous systeme.g, relieves anxiety & depression.
  • Promotes refreshing sleep & reduces insomnia( pregnancy, menopause, senior years, fibromyalgia, stress overload)
  • Boosts immune function (disease prevention & healing process, e.g., cancer, HIV, stress overload, children with leukemia.
  • Breaks the cycle of chronis pain ( neck, shoulders, back, sciatica)
  • Relieves headaches caused by muscle tension or stress.
  • Reduces pain in cancer & post-surgical patients.
    Increases mental alertness.
  • Reduces fatigue & increases vitality.
  • Improving healing from injuries to muscles, tendons & ligaments (repetive strain injuries, e.g, carpal tunnel & thoracic outlet syndromes).
  • Improves digestion & elimination,e.g, IBS, constipation, heartburn.
  • Speeds up recovery time from surgery and reduces anxiety & tension before surgery.
  • Reduces mental confusion & inability to focus.
  • Boosts feeling of well-being.
  • Improves flexibility & posture, e.g,to avoid seveloping spinal curvatures.
  • Keeps joints healthy & increases range of motion ( Arthritis, rheumatism).
  • Provides caring touch and comfort for the terminally ill.
  • Recovery from addiction or trauma.
  • Stimulates release of endorphins, natural pain-relievers & mood-elevators
  • Helps performance athletes prevent muscle strains & ligament sprains.

Why not try a massage and find out the benefits yourselves?

Massage for pregnant women:

  • Massage helps relieve depression and anxiety caused by hormonal changes
  • Improves sleeping pattern
  • Helps to relax nervous tension
  • Encourages blood and lymph circulation
  • Reduces stress on weight bearing joints
  • Releases stiff neck, leg cramps and relieves backaches

Baby Massage

The Shantala massage originates from India and is a relaxation massage for babies. This is a well preserved tradition which has been passed down through generations from mother to daughter.
Positive influences massage has on babies:

  • Develops coordination and muscle strength
  • Increases physical consciousness