4th July – Water Magic

water aerobic

It’s hot so what better place to get fit than in the pool.

It looks easy but are you up for the challenge? Every muscle is used in water aerobics to get you fit and in condition. Please call to find out when classes take place as the times do vary according to demand.

9th – 12th June 2016 – Portugal Retreat

Portugal Retreat

Every year a retreat takes place in Quinta da Calma in Portugal.

It is held over 4 days and consists of workshops, yoga, meditation, music, stillness and talks about various subjects given by Nalanie Chellaram founder of the Intergral Yoga Centre. If you would like to participate next year and have an incredible experience in a magical place please contact me.


20th May 2016 – ‘Summertime’ classes outdoors!

outdoor classes

At last the good weather is with us!

Yoga classes in my studio have moved outdoors for the summer. I am now also giving a class near the Port of Estepona, on a roof terrace with fantastic sea views. (See picture) Please WhatsApp me if you are interested in joining us, there is space for a few more! The class starts at 6pm on Thursdays.

29th April 2016 – ‘Gift Vouchers’ now available!

gift vouchers

A lot of people have been asking me if I have Gift Vouchers.

The answer (now) is yes! The voucher can be for a massage, yoga classes, foot reflexology etc. You decide! The price will depend on your choice. Take a look at the prices page for more information.

16th March 2016 – Club ‘Charity & Pleasure’ CAP demonstration

CAP demonstrations

The CAP Magazine

“There was a good attendance (97 people) on the 16th March to hear Helena Waterloo, a qualified yoga, massage, reiki and reflexology specialist, speak and demonstrate Chair Massage. She spoke about the benefits of massage especially as we grow older. The chair massage is especially designed for people with less mobility and for those who do not wish to removing their clothing. Thank you Chad for your participation!

Chair Yoga

chair yoga

In a similar way Chair Yoga routines have been adapted for the chair enabling less able people to participate. Chair Yoga improves flexability and strengthens (lengthens) muscles which in turn improves mobility. It can relieve and cure lots of aches and pains in the body. Helena has her Studio in El Saladillo, Estepona.