About me

My introduction to Yoga was through a personal injury…..

Helen studied to become a Integral Holistic Massage Therapist at the Holos Accademy in Holland in 1996.
In the years of studying, she also qualified as a Footreflexologist, a teacher of the Baby Massage system “Shantala”.
The Chairmassage system by David Palmer , Reiki Practisioner with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees, Anatomy, Fysics, Nutrician diet.
Receiving a Neck hernia with trapped neck nerves and not able to move her right arm was the beginning of the Yoga adventures and combining the Yoga and Anatomy Massage on herself.
Raja Yoga was the first step onto the knowledge path with the increable Yoga teacher Nalanie Chelleram.
After the Raja Yoga came Hatha Yoga and Prenatal Yoga
For years she helped us to understand, learn and change our aspects about being, life, the body, the mind, the breath, spirit and TO SERVE.
Now Helen’s main goal in life is serving and helping people to get a painfree body, an easeful mind and a peacefull life.
Read the testomonies from a lot of people who have been using her serves.


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