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Yoga Classes Estepona offers you yoga classes by fully qualified yoga instructor Helen Waterloo. The ancient art of yoga applied to modern life in western society. The benefits of yoga are numerous. Imagine a calmer life, less stressful. A balanced life, a life of clarity, self-acceptance and contentment. Imagine a more supple, stronger and healthier body.

A creative response to life’s challenges, a guide to meaningful understanding and positive engagement with yourself and the world around you. Joining Yoga Classes Estepona is also great fun and a fantastic way to make new friends. If you have already explored yoga then you’ll understand the inner calm, the physical strength and enjoyment that it offers. You will also know the importance of finding the right teacher and the style of instructions play a defining role in helping you achieve those benefits.



8:30 Yoga in English
10:00 Yoga in English
16.30 Yoga en Español
18.30 Yoga in English


8:30 Yoga Classes in English
10:00 Yoga Class in English


8:30 Yoga Classes in English
10:00 Yoga Class in English


Initially I will talk to you about your own special needs and determine what will be best for you. Yoga is something you will grow into at your own pace. Apart from the different types of Yogas, I also offer Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Pranayama classes in my Studio.

Please use the form for your enquiries. I will be happy to answer your questions. I have classes at different times in the day and therefore am unable to take phone calls, so please leave a message using WhatsApp (or SMS) on 626251015 and I will reply to your message as soon as possible.

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